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COVID-19 resources for architects

The Karins Engineering team has been working from home, in the field, and in the office, adhering to social distancing and safety protocols to keep ourselves, our families and communities safe.

As the country slowly returns to the office, here’s a great resource to help you and your team transition safely and prepare for the future.

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) recently released a new Re-occupancy Assessment Tool *(linked below), providing strategies for limiting exposure to COVID-19 in buildings.

We agree with AIA president Jane Frederick, FAIA when she says “This may be the most pivotal and defining moment in our lifetime for design.” As a firm, we are looking to the future as we prepare for re-occupancy, thinking about our role in realizing buildings designed to keep occupants safer, from the use of antimicrobial materials, to leveraging innovative automation and voice technologies and touch-less interactions.

We look forward to building that safer future.