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Another Update on Our New Structure

Currently, there are many people on the site, adding all the details that will make this home stand out from the rest. Karins takes pride in working with such amazing teams to achieve architectural vision with structural integrity.

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Revolutionizing wind tunnel testing for better high-rise buildings

As hurricanes become more frequent and more powerful, it's essential that we find ways to protect our communities and structures from their devastating effects. Experts from FIU and Lehigh University are working together to develop a new testing method that uses cyber-physical models to study how powerful winds affect tall buildings.

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New Structure Coming to St Armands

Check out the in-progress shots of our new structure going up in St Armand’s circle!  We've partnered with some amazing teams and put in a lot of hard work so far, and we can't wait to see it finished.

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FLCAJ Readers' Choice Awards Diamond Winner: WE ARE HONORED!

With over 11,000 votes cast in this year’s FLCAJ Readers' Choice Awards, Karins Engineering won Diamond level in the Construction, Engineering, and Building category. A big thanks goes out to our clients, supporters, and team members who have helped us make this achievement possible, 3 years in a row!

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