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Hurricane Season 2022: Protect your building from what’s coming

2022 is predicted to be an above-average season with characteristics being similar to years that had above average activity. There are about 14-20 predicted storms for this year with 3-9 becoming major hurricanes. It is important to take safety measures now to ensure that you’re prepared for what’s coming.

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Preventing Future Structural Damages

The tragedy of the Champlain Towers South in Surfside, Florida, resulted in Florida engineers calling on lawmakers to implement mandatory building inspections of condominiums, offices, and other buildings that are larger than 2,000 square feet.

In May 2022, lawmakers gave their approval that condominium and maintenance laws have been passed.

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Have threshold inspections and contract administration needs?

We recently joined forces with Wilson Structural Consulting Engineers, made up of a talented team of structural engineering consultants providing a wide range of expertise and knowledge in structural engineering solutions. With high quality services in structural design, contract administration, and threshold inspection, Wilson Structural serves our clients through the process on any project.

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Future hurricane simulator might be the answer to prevent future structural damages

We continually track the latest advancements in structural maintenance and repair technology. Preparing for hurricane season is an essential part of ensuring a properties longevity.

Climate change scientist argue that more intense storms are coming our way; the need to collect more data, improve building conditions and plan for future disasters is becoming an urgent.

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