Hurricane Season 2023

Hurricane season is just getting going and with the hot weather this summer, it is hard for scientists to predict how this season will keep going. With the unpredictable weather changes it is important to stay ahead of the storms and be prepared for what may come.

Keep your structures safe

Take the precautions needed to ensure safety and prevent future damages to your structure. So what can you do?

  • Stay informed
  • Document everything, note all existing damages, and make sure it is date stamped
  • Review and verify insurance policy covers all damages
  • Make sure all inspections have been done
  • Protect from water damage
  • Prepare for power issues
  • Reinforce and secure your walls, doors, etc.

Property managers should take the extra precaution to ensure their residents are safe by updating paper rosters of all residents, having copies of important documents, and securing them in a safe location.

Read more on what you can do before and after storms:

Safety comes first, take time to ensure you are protected.

Karins is here to help you during this hurricane season. Offering services through the entire lifecycle of your property, and protecting the integrity of the structure. We ensure peace of mind through condition assessments, inspections, documentation, restoration, and assistance to associations and owners.

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