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Budget constraints. Material waste. Fast deadlines. Productivity (or lack of). As structural design evolves, the challenges engineers face intensify, especially in bridge design which mostly depends on drawings. Many structural engineers are using parametric design and BIM-based processes to address these roadblocks. Karins Engineering uses BIM on many of its products.

With parametric design, engineers base a design on its fundamental logic instead of geometry. Now they can set rules functioning on input parameters— like coordinates or the curves of a bridge—and generate a 3D model containing large amounts of data. Any changes are updated automatically to the relevant model components.

Eliminate expensive human errors. Stimulate innovation. Increase productivity. Create superior, constructible designs. Parametric design and BIM tools turn obstacles into solutions. Read more about how parametric design works and its advantages here:

Karins Engineering created these models for the ongoing Golden Gate project in Sarasota, Florida.