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The Bone Structure: What Can the Engineering Industry Learn From It?

Engineering has a long history of figuring out what works and, more specifically, how to make something work better. Our practice reminds us that even in an ever-evolving world where better technology and materials are providing solutions for an architecturally efficient and sound future, complications exist in the standardized practices architects and engineers have already established, and we can figure out better solutions for them as well.

This article offers a key example. What initially started as a personal home project became a much larger plan for Marc A. Bovet. Through his findings and his unique solution, Marc has uncovered fundamental complications to the prefab building and construction processes.

After conducting many interviews and research he realized there was “no standard building approach, and the ultimate cost to build his house would depend primarily on however his builder chose to embark on the project.” This inspired him to look for a solution to make a process-focused industrial building system that could be put together without the help of expert craftspeople.

In his discoveries, he saw a solution in industrialization, but he also knew that prefabrication and modular construction had been tried many different times in many ways, which led him to create the Bone Structure platform: a zero net energy, steel based structure system that makes building a home months quicker and more environmentally friendly.

Learn more about what the Bone Structure accomplishes here: