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The American Society of Civil Engineers introduces EVERYDAY ENGINEERING

The American Society of Civil Engineers introduces EVERYDAY ENGINEERING, an educational resource promoting STEM learning.

As the news continues to show us that staying home as much as possible is the healthiest option for all, the way we view our educational systems is changing. Many parents are feeling the weight of the responsibility to not just be parents, but to be full-time teachers too. Keeping children’s minds stimulated and growing during this rapid developmental period is crucial to help them keep up with their peers. Plus, kids across the country who have already been home for months are feeling the loss of their summer camps and vacations, needing badly to be kept occupied as one hot day rolls into another. How can parents use this time wisely to make sure the kids are progressing in their studies without it feeling like a chore?

The key is to make learning interesting! Parents can use this time to promote the joy of discovering something new, encouraging creative thinking and following passion! With access to an educational outlet that’s also entertaining, kids can have so much fun learning, they might not even realize they’re doing it.

That’s why we’re raving about “Everyday Engineering,” put out by American Society of Civil Engineers! They’ve created a treasure trove of science-based content to engage with in a creative, exploratory way. This includes fun videos and supplemental educational materials of experiments ranging from chemistry to engineering. It’s all the thorough and organized content you need to create and test new science projects, right in your own home!

Experiments can be found here:

And how-to videos can be found here:

Experiments include:

Windy City Tower

Daylight in a Bottle

Build an Earthquake Resistant Structure

Build a Better Bubble Blower

Foil Boats

Colorful Chemistry

It’s never too early or too late to dive into the beauty of science. You can involve the whole family and collaborate to create something new, getting in quality family time in the process!

Our favorite experiment? Building a Windy City Tower, particularly relevant for the beachfront structures we love to help create.

Check out the video above!

And check out ASCE’s Pre-College Outreach page for more info!