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New Structure Rising in Tampa

The Karins structural design team in partnership with BDG Architects is bringing a modern new residence to life in Tampa. The 7-story, 104-unit residential building will be on East Whiting Street in Downtown Tampa and is currently in development. The structure will rise about 100 feet, yield 62,00 square feet of space, and include 2 pools on the 2nd level. 

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The fast-moving hurricane Nicole forced evacuations for beachside residents in buildings across most of the central East coast. With landfall of the storm, buildings of all kinds faced structural threats from high winds, driving rain, and rising sea and flood waters. At especially high risk were beachside properties, with beach erosion posing potential threat of foundation collapse.

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Ensuring Secure and Safe Properties

New inspections and maintenance laws have recently been passed and they are already in effect. Implementing mandatory inspections for condos and co-ops. Our team is here to help you be prepared for these first-of-its-kind inspections.

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Putting safety first is paying off

Florida Building Codes implemented in the last couple of cycles were one of the reasons why some structures survived the hurricane Ian. Photographs from the aftermath show most houses built before 1981 were completely wiped away while one house, built in 2020 with an elevated first floor and walls made out of concrete blocks, allowed for the surge to just push through, was left unharmed. 

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