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Building better: the future of construction

Construction technology is growing- and shrinking. New research and innovations in engineering, like carbon nanotubes and 3-D printed houses, are making a sizable impact. These are two of the new techniques being explored in our industry that we’ve been keeping an eye on for what they could mean for the future of our engineering practice.

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A concrete method: Standing the test of time

The Ancient Romans believed they’d found magic when they discovered that volcanic ash, also known as Pozzolana, forms a hard compound when mixed with water. This marks the beginning of a crucial compound we know as concrete, which continues to yield great structures and sturdy materials in communities worldwide.

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After the devastating blast in the Lebanese capital in August 2020, Beirut was left to rebuild much of the area around the port. SARAID, a UK-based volunteer force, took charge to work with local engineering teams in this effort. A team was set up to specifically research country construction methods and collate information from previous structural assessment responses.

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Have you been doing a lot of video meetings lately? We have too.

Have you been doing a lot of video meetings lately? We have too. Actually, we just had our first ever virtual quarterly company meeting.

Our CEO and President David Karins’ state of the union laid out a 5 point vision for moving forward that includes how the company will continue to expand and strengthen its diversity of services under New Building, Existing Building and Forensics, plus how the company will continue to invest in expanding our business development, outreach, technology, and tools.

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