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Preventing Future Structural Problems

Seven of the state’s leading engineering and architecture associations including Karins Engineering formed a task force to create standard, updated recommendations to prevent structures from further collapse. Our CEO David Karins participated in the working group helping to determine the proper recommendations. The group recommends that tall buildings have required inspections within their first 30 years, with follow-ups every 10 years. Most of the structural problems in buildings are not addressed because of a lack of maintenance, and once the owner gets the building keys there are no structural inspections required. Engineers and architects say that if these inspections aren't carried out, more collapses will happen like the Champlain Towers South Condo tragedy.

Karins ensures the structural integrity of your property for the longterm future by providing regular inspections and maintenance plans while staying on top of any repairs as they are needed.

Read more about the recommended inspection plan:

Photo credit: DAVID SANTIAGO | Miami Herald